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Government Of Assam General Administration Directorate of Sainik Welfare

Welfare Schemes For Ex-Serviceman

Welfare Schemes For Ex-Serviceman


Sl No

Type of Grant/Schemes

Amount for each type of  grant

Eligibility Condition


Educational Grants for School/College Going children (General)  


ESM/widows of ESM upto the rank of Sub Major subject to availability of funds. Applicable for max 2 children.

(a) Class I to X

 (a) 200/-pm

(b) Class XI & XII

(b) 300/-pm

(c) Degree Courses

(c) 400/pm

(d) Post Graduate Courses      (MA/MSc/MCom/      MTech)  



Educational Grants for Higher Study (Professional Degree Courses)  
Medical, Engg, Vet and other professional degree courses




(a)  For wards of ESM/Widows (PBOR) provided they obtain 60% & above marks in 10 + 2 board exam.
  (b) Eligible for all courses promulgated under the PM’s/RM’s Scholarship Scheme.
  (c)  Nursing/Hospitability courses/course duration of 12 months or more. 
  (d)  The scholarship will commence from 1st year and not half way.
  (e)  The order of preference will be as promulgated for PM’s/RM’s scholarship schemes.       


Book grant for Classes XI & XII  


For girls students of ESM/widows of ESM upto the rank of Hav or equivalent subject to availability of funds.


Vocational Trg Grant for  Disabled ESM/widows/ Wards of ESM  



(a) QMT Kirkee/Mohali  

(a) 1,000/-pm  

(a) For all inmates of Assam.

(b) ITI/Assam Regt Centre/Other Institute  

(b) 500/-pm

(b) Wards of widows of ESM up to the rank of Hav or Equiv.


Funeral Expense (One time grant)

Rs.  8000/-    

(a)  For ESM of all ranks.
  (b)  Amount will be paid to the NOK of deceased ESM by respective ZSWOs as under :-
(i)  4000/- to be released immediately on receipt of information.
  (ii)  The balance amount will be released after receipt of valid documents.  


Marriage Grant

(a) 20000/-  

(a) For daughter of widows of Non pensioner and Orphan daughter of all categories.  

(b) 5000/-  

(c) For daughter of widows up to the rank of NK or Equiv.  

(c) 4000/-

(c) For daughters of ESM upto the rank of Hav or equiv.


Financial Aassistances to the world War – II Veterans & Widows  

6000/- pm

Payment will be made on yearly basis. 


Assistances to 100% disabled WW II Veteran  


Payment will be made on yearly basis. 


Assistances to 80 to 100% disabled widow of a WW II Veteran  


Payment will be made on yearly basis. 


Financial Assistances to widowed mother above 70 yrs of age of an unmarried casualty


Up to the rank of Hav/Eqiv. (only for Non sepicial/Liberalised Family pension holder).  


Attendant allowance to 100% blind & handicapped disabled ESM or their dependent  


(a)  All categories.   (b)  One time Grant to ESM/ dependent of ESM upto the rank of Hav or Equiv on case to case basis on production of valid  medical documents.  


Subsidy for student joining Sainik School  



(a) At the time of taking admission      

(i)  30000/-    

(i) Ward of widows of ESM up to  the rank of Hav/Equiv & Non pensioner   

(ii) 15000/-  

(ii) Wards of ESM up to Hav/Equiv  

(b) Annual grants  


Ward of Widows upto Hav/equiv & Non pensioner towards books, stationery, clothing and incidental.  


Subsidy for students joining Defence Officers Training Indstiutes.


One time Grant  only for new entrance as under :-  

(i) 15000/-    

(i) For wards of ESM upto the rank of Naik & Equiv.

(ii)  5000/-

(ii) For wards of ESM upto the rank of Hav/Equiv & all widows of PBOR.


One time grant to wards of ESM with min 85% marks in 10+2 Board Exam of CBSE & Assam Higher Secoundery Education Council (AHSEC) (Top 10 Each).  


For all categories


One time Grant to students to help to prepare for SSB interview, who qualifies in the written exam for studying in Defence Officer’s training Institute.  


For wards of  of PBOR.


Medical after care grant to cancer & T.B. patient to a period of one year after discharge from hospital.  


ESM/Widows of ESM upto the rank of Hav/Equiv or their Wards (Max one per family).


Resettlement trg of ESM on job oriented/State specific courses or capsule course in Govt recognized Institute, Est/Dept(all inclusive package).  

Max  5000/- per student

One time grant to ESM up to the rank of Hav/Equiv). Secretary SMC to Select courses and Co-ordinate.  


Penury Grant.

(a) 15000/-              

(a)      One time grant as under :-
  (i)  For widows & disabled ESM up to the rank of Hav/ Equiv & Orphans on case to ; case basis.
  (ii)  Wife/Widowed Mother of ESM (up to the rank of Naik) who is declared missing and not receipt of pension or other grant.  

(b) 1000/-

(b)      For wife/mother of  declared missing ESM by the competent authority as monthly grant, to be sanctioned on yearly basis, provided they are not in receipt of pension or other grants.  


Laptop to one girl child of widow of ESM, who passes the 12th CBSE Final Exam with Min 60% marks.  


Daughter of widows of ESM subject to availability of funds. 


Following for the Disabled:-
  (i) Wheel Chair.
  (ii) Water   lifting Pump with accessories.
  (iii) Adjustable bed for 100% disabled/paralyzed cases.
  (iv) Water/Air Matress for comatose patients.   


The disabled indls eligible for one time grant of Rs. 2000/- for  installation of water pump. They would also be eligible for one time house repair grant of Rs. 5000/-, subject to certain condition.  The disabled with more than 50% disabled or ones who are not in a position to undertake any physically work, although their disability is less than 50%, would also be eligible. 


Aollcation of Weatern Commode


(a)  For all ESM and widows of ESM, who are more than 70 yrs of age.
  (b)  Additional grant of Rs. 3000/- for installation charges will also be given.


( a)  Grants for Widows/ Orphans :-   (i) Travel Expenses : Visiting the Office of the Director, Dept of Sainik Welfare for rederssal or their grievances would be reimbursed and they would also be entitled for grant to cover their incidental expenses.  


      (i)    Up to Hav/Equiv.                

(ii) House repair grant Towards repairing of owned houses.

(ii)Rs. 5000/-

(ii) For ESM of the rank of Sepoy/Equiv, Non pensioner & Orphan daughter of ESM.  


Welfare Items in kinds :-
Looms and Accessories, Yarn, Spray Machine, Agriculture Tools, Bicycle, Solar Light, Steel Almirah of standard size for widows more that 65 yrs of age, Kitchen Utensils, Mattress with bed cover & Pillow cover (2pcs), Sewing Machine, C.I. Sheets, Mixer Grinder, Plastic Table & Chair set and Carpentry tools.   


For the welfare of widows, orphan and dependent children of ESM up the rank of Hav/Equiv. and Non pensioner of ESM.  The list will also includes all items, as approved by the Govt for the other departments.  It will be on case to case basis.         


Financial assistances to Blind & Handicapped ESM and their dependents.  


ESM of their dependents up to Naik/Equiv  subject to availablility of fund.