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Government Of Assam General Administration Directorate of Sainik Welfare

What We Do

  • The Soldiers’ Sailors’ and Airmen’s (S.S. & A) Board with district Boards under its control were established in 1944-45. It was functioning as an autonomous organization upto 1st January 1963. The State Board followed the normal rules of the State Govt and the district Boards followed the “DSS& A Boards Employee” (condition of service) Rules 1951”. At that time the entire cost for the maintenance of the State Boards was bone by the State Government while the cost for the maintenance of the District Boards was borne by both the state and the Central Governments on 50:50 basis.

    The organization of the SS&A board in Assam had been taken over by the State Government and made it permanent with effect from the 2nd January, 1963 making the office of the State Board a permanent branch of the Directorate of Social Welfare Assam. The Offices of the Districts Boards were to remain under the control of the Deputy Commissioners of the Districts concerned. Thereafter, the designation of the organization was re-designated from time to time as under :-

    Name of Office & Head of Dept.

    Re-designated as



    State Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Airmen’s (SS&A) Board 

    Rajya Sainik Board

    23 Jun 1975

    GAG.139/75/3 dated 23 Jun 1975

    Secretary, State  SS&A Board

    Secretary, Rajya Sainik Board

    District Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Airmen’s (SS&A) Board

    Zila Sainik Board

    Secretary, District  SS&A Board

    Secretary, Zila Sainik Board

    Rajya Sainik Board

    The Directorate of Sainik Welfare Assam

    02 Sep 1992

    GAG(A)73/82/Pt-I/64 dt 22 Sep 1992

    Secretary, Rajya Sainik Board

    The Director Sainik Welfare Assam

    Zila Sainik Board

    Zila Sainik Welfare Office

    Secretary, Zila Sainik Board

    Zila Sainik Welfare Officer

    At present 19 Zila Sainik Welfare Offices under the control of the Directorate of Sainik Welfare Assam are available for execution of welfare activities for the Ex-Servicemen community of the state.