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Government Of Assam General Administration Directorate of Sainik Welfare



          Directorate of Sainik Welfare, Assam is committed for welfare and rehabilitation of approx 35,000 Ex-Servicemen (ESM), 11,000 widows and 20,000 dependents in the state. However, during course of visits to various districts it has emerged that the potential of ESM as a trained ' Human Resources' is not being exploited in any manner (of those ESM who are not employed). On interaction with ESM it appeared that slowly they are losing the interest, despite having potential to contribute positively in overall development and progress of the society.

        Director, Directorate of Sainik Welfare took up an initiative to collect motivated ESM of Tezpur and Biswanath districts of Assam to start a pilot to associate one ESM each with 95 Government schools. The mission received approval after approx six month by holding series of meetings with ESM, Civil Administration of these districts, Inspector of school Principals/Headmasters/Teachers and senior officials of Education department of Govt of Assam up to the level of Secretary Education. Finally the combined effort of all agencies and officials led to positive outcome and presently the initiative is at the nascent stage of being implemented. The initiative has been conceived with an objective of following:-

(a)   School going students are our precious Human Resource. Time, effort and special attention on their mental, physical and social grooming will not only improve their performance but also contribute positively in nation building. On the other hand we have approx 32,000 (thirty two thousand) ESM in the State. ESM are trained, experience, resourceful and above all a disciplined section of our society having exceptional ability to work as homogenous team to achieve common goal. ESM who retired as Honorary Commission Officers and Junior Commission Officers are groomed as effective junior level leaders and can easily motivate a group with their inherent physical, mental and leadership ability developed by them while in Defence Service.

(b)   In the present socio-economical environment, we as a nation are attempting to achieve all round development, inclusive growth and self reliance in all walks of life, there is a need to develop basic essential leadership qualities in our children mainly self confidence, honesty, integrity, nationalism etc at the school level with totally positive mindset. The Directorate of Sainik Welfare, Assam proposes to take a voluntary step in this direction to develop leadership and social awareness amongst the Government School students by employing ESM in 95 (Ninety five) Government Schools in Sonitpur and Biswanath Districts.

(c)   Moreover once our Hon'ble PM has mentioned during 'Man Ki Baat' that we must affiliate ESM with Govt schools, so that the experience, value system, discipline and dedication inherited by them and its significance can told to the students.

(d)   The effort is aimed at voluntarily contributing toward improving mental, physical and social value system in our school going students without any remuneration to improve their overall performance and personality.

        In addition to this the Directorate has approached the Civil Administration of seven 'Inspirational Districts' of Assam and offered them the availability of ESM as 'Human Resources' in these districts. It has been suggested that the ESMs are ready to participate in any developmental project that these District Administration plans to initiate to improve any of the parameters in which that district is lacking by incorporating the available ESM without any financial implication to ensure its success.

        Directorate of Sainik Welfare, Assam has also under taken following activities:-

  1. Free SSB coaching for 14 candidates who have passed UPSC written.

  2. Pre recruitment coaching for 190 youth in Silchar.

  3. Directorate of Sainik Welfare, Assam with Armed Forces Tribunal Assam has commenced legal awareness campaign in the entire state for ESM and their dependent.

  4. 'Hut of Remembrance' being created in State War Memorial to honour our war heroes, to acquaint visitors of their gallant act and motivate the youths of the state.

  5. Initiative to make a permanent display of all Gallantry Awardees (Chakra Series Awardees only) of the State of Assam on Guwahati Railway Station with the help of Northeast Frontier Railway, Maligaon, Guwahati.

  6. Created E-prastuti web portal on Assam Govt web development cell on which the entire activities can be viewed.